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Top Concerns for CIOs in 2016 - Shadow IT and Data Loss 

CIOs have a lot to worry about these days as employees bring their own devices into the workplace and potentially, even unknowingly, make their companies more vulnerable to cyber attacks. There are tw... continue reading »

SBANE New England Innovation Forum Honors Sikich Boston Client Medrobotics 

Congratulations to our client, Samuel F. Straface, President & CEO of Medrobotics, winner of the 2015 New England Innovation Awards. The award will be presented at the SBANE New England Innov... continue reading »

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Tips & Tricks from the Altico Now Sikich Wizard 

Every month we send out a newsletter with a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM tip, courtesy of the Altico Now Sikich anonymous wizard. But since not all of our blog readers subscribe to our newsletter I'... continue reading »

Congratulations Medrobotics! Winner of the 2015 New England Innovation Awards  

Congratulations Medrobotics! Winner of the 2015 New England Innovation Awards. Medrobotics, our client since September 2014, is running Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The company has an... continue reading »

Customers have great expectations! That's why you need Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

When I say that customers have great expectations, that's a nice way of saying the today's customers are very demanding. Without the very best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, th... continue reading »

Register NOW for the Altico/Sikich Fall Festival - Raising Funds for Children's Hospital 

The Altico/Sikich Fall Festival is one month away (ok, maybe it's one month and five days but who's counting?) and trust me when I say you don't want to miss it. First of all we have ... continue reading »

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