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CRM Tech Tip: Reducing Developer Customizations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Actions 

When it comes to advanced processes that can't be accomplished in the Workflow designer, Microsoft Dynamics CRM leverages the .NET Framework to provide an excellent Software Development Kit ("SDK... continue reading »

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Tech Tip: Reducing Data Entry with Mappings & Workflows 

One of the most common user tasks in CRM is the creation of related records from the record you're currently viewing.  An often-overlooked feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the abili... continue reading »

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Tech Tip: Create Quick View Forms 

In previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you were either required to add a sub-grid or resort to iFrame customizations in order to avoid copying information from one entity for another.   ... continue reading »

Tech Tip: The Beauty of Using Power View in Excel with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

Coincidentally (it may just be the time of year), I’ve had 3-4 inquiries in the past week for “fancy” reporting with CRM.  One of the newer options available with Office 2013 ... continue reading »