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New to NetSuite? Read about my learning experience 

My transition into NetSuite… by
Elizabeth Keefe

This week is my 6th full week as a member of the Altico Advisors Professional Services Team  focusing on NetSuite.  At first I was apprehensive since NetSuite was brand new to me but I had some previous experience with Salesforce and two ERP systems, so I had an appreciation for the information and transactions that NetSuite processes. I learned my way around NetSuite by observing my mentors, watching the training videos and practicing in the demo accounts I was given access too. As I became comfortable navigating, changing parameters and customizing documents I began to see the same native terms and acronyms and NetSuite became more intuitive.

I learn how to do something new every day with help from other employees and the Suite Answers Tab – it’s a real confidence boost.

Customizing forms in Advanced PDF/HTML in NetSuite is something I have found interesting. It has really been a trial and error process but learning basic HTML has helped me understand how to change the look and the feel of customer facing documents like Invoices, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders.

Now I begin a type of second phase of self-training where I practice what I’ve learned and apply those concepts to NetSuite features and modules that I have not yet seen but expect to be familiar in layout and terminology. It is still early, but I am looking forward to making real customer contributions in the near future.

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