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Sikich Tax Expert Contributes to the Analysis of 4 Presidential Candidates' Tax Plans 

In an article by Columnist Deanna White that appeared yesterday in  AccountingWEB, Jim Brandenburg, CPA and tax partner at Sikich LLP, was one of two experts whom White consulted for their analysis of four presidential candidates' tax plans. I should note that the analysis is party-neutral. Brandenburg and Bill Smith were simply asked to dissect the tax proposals of Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Hilary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders.

I'm NOT a tax expert. But I am interested in the potential ramifications of the tax reforms that the candidates are proposing - at both a business and personal level. White's article takes an in-depth look at all four in terms that I could understand. Usually, when I think about tax codes, my first reaction is the fear that it's going to be Greek to me. Not the case here. I therefore highly recommend that you go to the source and read:

"Experts Analyze 4 Presidential Candidates' Tax Plans"

It's like having an advance copy of a bill that might make its way into the Senate and the House after the presidential election. Of course, we don't even know if one of these four people will win. We don't even know who is going to win in the primary elections. So it's all speculation at this point. Still...interesting.

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